00780-A-0100 Junction Box Digital Input Module OTB122 - 121.5 X 122 X 81mm Honeywell

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Model Number: 00780-A-0100
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00780-A-0100 Term Hsg – Bartec DE1155 With Continuity Plate 1 x 25mm – 3 x 20mm Entries – ATEX Approved 00780-A-0160 Right Angle Mounting Bracket For Ceiling Mounting 02000-A-1635 Series 2000 Weather Housing Use With Toxic Sensor 02000-A-1640 Series 2000 Weather Housing use With Flammable Sensor 02000-A-1642 Series 2000 Collecting Cone Use With Flammable Sensor 02000-A-1645 Series 2000 Calibration Flow Housing Assembly (Flam and Toxic) 02000-A-3120 Series 2000 Flow Housing Assembly Plastic 2106B1110 Catalytic Bridge To 4-20mA Converter 2106B2114 Toxic Calibration Kit including Calibration Cover, Removal Tool, Potentiometer Adjustment Tool 2106D2055 M36 / M40 Thread Adaptor 225-262-138 Cable Gland And Caps, 20mm, Nylon



f. The earth bonding arrangement must ensure that the maximum peak voltage between the unit case earth and any field cable conductor is less than 350V. Voltages in excess of this can cause permanent damage to the unit’s RFI protection filters. g. The use of a single, screened cable for each gas detector ensures maximum screening and minimum crosstalk. Cabling arrangements which use a single cable for connecting a number of field devices compromise screening, increase the potential for crosstalk and prevent implementation of true star earthing. h. Any electrical interference induced onto the 4 - 20mA loop conductors by the installation must be kept below the levels necessary to comply with the general requirements of EN 60079- 29-1:2007 &, IEC 60079-29-1:2007. In practice, this means that peak noise currents induced on the current loop should be no greater than ± 0.25mA j. The 0V rail of the control card/control system is directly connected to one side of the 4 - 20mA current sensing resistor. Electrical noise on this rail is therefore directly connected to the 4 - 20mA input. In order to avoid additional noise being induced on the 0V rail, it should not be commoned with the safety earth/ground, which frequently carries a high level of electrical noise. k. All electrical equipment connected to the gas detector should comply with EN61000-6-3:2007 and EN61000-6-2:2005. l. The 24V supply should be free from large transients and fluctuations. m. The field cabling conductors should have sufficient cross sectional area to ensure that the minimum supply voltage applied to the gas detector is 18V at a current of 420mA. This corresponds to a maximum round loop impedance of 14 ohms for a nominal 24V system supply. n. Receivers should not be installed in close proximity to the antennae of high powered radio, radar and satellite communication equipment.


1. Isolate all associated power supplies and ensure that they remain OFF during this procedure. 2. If the units are to be installed with junction boxes other than DVC100(M) / DX100(M) junction boxes, ensure that the boxes: • have M20 cable gland entries for ATEX / IECEx units, or 3/4 NPT for UL and CSA. • have terminals for 5 wires and an earth. 3. Remove the M20 blanking plugs (if fitted) and attach the Excel transmitter and receiver cables to their junction box. Fit the locking rings (if supplied) before terminating the cables in the junction box. 4. Fit approved cable glands to the junction box cable entries, using sealing washers where necessary to maintain the ingress protection rating. 5. Fit approved blanking plugs to all unused cable entries. 6. Make appropriate electrical connections as shown in the following diagrams.



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00780-A-0100 JUNCTION BOX OTB122 - 121.5 X 122 X 81mm Honeywell

Lead time:3-5 days

New with one year warranty


00780-A-0100 Junction Box Digital Input Module OTB122 - 121.5 X 122 X 81mm Honeywell 0


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