51204172-125 ANALOG OUPUT 16 Honeywell PLC Module MU-TAOY22 Long Service Life

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51204172-125 HONEYWELL MU-TAOY22 ANALOG OUPUT 16 honeywell plc

Lead time:3-5 days

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51204172-125 ANALOG OUPUT 16 Honeywell PLC Module MU-TAOY22 Long Service Life 0


The Process Manager (PM), Advanced Process Manager (APM) and High Performance Process Manager (HPM) are Honeywell’s leading TotalPlant Solution (TPS) system control and data acquisition devices for industrial process applications. They represent a powerful combination of cost-effective Honeywell controllers which can be applied to solve a broad range of industrial process control problems. The PM, APM, HPM, and EHPM offer highly flexible I/O (input/output) functions for both data monitoring and control. One of the unique features of this family of controllers is its common set of Input/Output Processors (IOPs) and Field Termination Assemblies (FTAs). All IOPs and FTAs are usable by all three controllers (with only minor exceptions).


This specification and technical data sheet provides information on PM, APM, HPM, and EHPM IOPs and FTAs. Please refer to the following specification and technical data sheets for information about each controller: • PM03-400 - Process Manager Specification and Technical Data • AP03-500 - Advanced Process Manager Specification and Technical Data • HP03-500 - High Performance Process Manager Specification and Technical Data • EHPM03-600 - Enhanced High Performance Process Manager Specification


3. Functional Des cription 3.1. Functional Overview I/O Processors, along with Field Termination Assemblies (FTAs), perform input and output scanning and processing on all field PM/APM/HPM/EHPM I/O


A redundant I/O Link is standard for maximum security. Optionally, High Level Analog Input, Smart Transmitter Interface, Analog Output, Digital Input and Digital Output processors can be redundant. I/O processing is performed separately from control processing functions so that I/O scan rates are completely independent of I/O quantity, controller loading, processing, and alarming. This partitioning of functions allows more efficient use of advanced Control Processor capability and provides for future I/O expansion. A variety of I/O processors are available for the PM controllers: • Analog Input–High Level (16 points) • Analog Input–Low Level (8 points) • Analog Input–Low Level Multiplexer (32 points) • Smart Transmitter Multivariable Interface (16 points) • Analog Output (8 points) • Analog Output (16 points) • Serial Device Interface (16 points—2 ports) • Serial Interface (32 arrays, 2 ports)* • Pulse Input (8 points) • Digital Input (32 points) • Digital Input 24 Vdc (32 points) • Digital Input Sequence of Events (DISOE) (32 points)


• Digital Output (16 points) • Digital Output (32 points) • Foundation Fieldbus (127 slots, 4 Fieldbus segments)** * APM, HPM, and EHPM only ** HPM and EHPM only Any mix of the above I/O processors can be selected for a PM/APM/HPM/EHPM controller. This can be any combination of single and/or redundant (HLAI, STI, AO, DI and DO) pairs, up to a total of 40. Even with the maximum complement of 80 physical IOPs, there is no impact on control or communication performance. In a redundant IOP configuration, control automatically transfers to the backup I/O processor during board replacement or failure. While a separate FTA of a given type is required to handle varying field wiring signal levels, identical I/O Processors can usually be used. This I/O approach simplifies system hardware selection and minimizes spare parts requirements. For example, one Digital Input Processor can handle 24 Vdc, 120 Vac, 125 Vdc or 240 Vac, depending on the FTA selected. Analog Input High and low level analog input (HLAI + LLAI - 8) processors both perform signal conversion and conditioning functions: • PV Source (Auto, Manual, Substituted) • PV Clamping • EU Conversion • PV Value Status • PV Filter (Single Lag) • Bad PV • PV Hi/Lo • PV HiHi/LoLo • PV Rate-of-Change +/- • Software Calibration • Low PV Cutoff


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