Analoge Output coated S8 AO IOM 8C-PAONA1 Honeywell PLC Module

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8C-PAONA1 Analoge Output Module


Honeywell 8C-PAONA1 PLC Module

8C-PAONA1 Analoge Output Module COATED S8 AO IOM (16) Honeywell PLC

Description: SERIES 8 AO NONHART-1 IOM (16), COATED

I/O Modules (IOMs)


This document provides technical information to configure the Series 8 I/O. The following Series 8 I/O items are included in this document. • TC/RTD • Analog Input – Single Ended • Analog Input with HART – Single Ended • Analog Input with HART – Differential • Analog Output • Analog Output with HART • Digital Input Sequence of Events (SOE) • Digital Input, 24 VDC • Digital Input Pulse Accumulation • Digital Output, 24 VDC • DO Relay Extension Board Definitions • Input Output Termination Assembly (IOTA): An assembly that holds the IOM and the connections for field wiring; • Input Output Module (IOM): A device that contains most of the electronics required to perform a specific I/O function. The IOM plugs onto the IOTA. Features All Series 8 components feature an innovative design that supports enhanced heat management. This unique look provides significant reduction in overall size for the equivalent function.


The unique features of Series 8 I/O include: • I/O Module and field terminations are combined in the same area. The I/O Module is plugged into the IOTA to eliminate the need for a separate chassis to hold the electronics assemblies • Two level “detachable” terminals for landing the field wiring in the enclosure, providing easier plant installation and maintenance. • Field power is supplied through the IOTA, with no need for extra power supplies to power the field devices and the associated craft wired marshalling • Redundancy is accomplished directly on the IOTA without any external cabling or redundancy control devices, by simply adding a second IOM to an IOTA • For both IOM and IOTA, coated (module numbers starting with 8C) and uncoated (module numbers starting with 8U) options are provided. Conformal coating material is applied to electronic circuitry to act as protection against moisture, dust, chemicals, and temperature extremes. Coated IOM and IOTA are recommended when electronics must withstand harsh environments and added protection is necessary


The Series 8 inherits the innovative styling of Series C. This styling includes features to facilitate the effective use of control hardware in a systems environment. These features include: • Vertical mounting allows for more effective wiring since most field wiring applications require entry from the top or bottom of the systems cabinet. • An “information circle” allows for a quick visual cue to draw the Maintenance Technician’s eyes to important status information. • “Tilted” design allows for effective heat management within the cabinet enclosure. Since Series 8 allows for a significant increase in cabinet density, an effective heat management system is critical for high system availability. • Input and output circuits are protected from shorts to alleviate the need for in- line fusing, reducing installation and maintenance costs Series 8 IOTAs combine multiple functions into a single piece of equipment: • Single and redundant configurations • On-board termination of process signals • On-board signal conditioning • On-board connection to appropriate networks (FTE, I/O LINK) • Field power distribution without external marshalling • IOM plugs into the IOTA and receives power from the IOTA • The IOTA receives its power through cables from header board.


I/O Module Functions • TC/RTD (16pt) – Provides thermocouple (TC) and resistance temperature device (RTD) inputs. • Analog Input – Single Ended (16pt) - The Analog Input Module supports analog inputs which are typically 4-20mA DC inputs for traditional devices, such as transmitters. • Analog Input with HART – Single Ended (16pt) – The Analog Input Module supports both analog and HART inputs. Analog inputs are typically 4-20mA DC for both traditional and HART devices. HART data can be used for status and configuration. HART data, such as the secondary and tertiary variables, can also be used as process control variables. • Analog Input with HART – Differential (16pt) – The Analog Input Module supports Single Ended or Differential analog inputs, and HART inputs. • Analog Output (16pt) – The Analog Output Module supports standard 4-20mA DC outputs. • Analog Output with HART (16pt) – The Analog Output Module supports both standard 4-20mA DC outputs and HART outputs.


• Digital Input Sequence of Events (32pt) - Accepts 24VDC discrete signals as discrete inputs. The inputs can be time tagged to support 1ms resolution Sequence of Events. • Digital Input 24 VDC (32pt) – Digital input sensing for 24V signals • Digital Input Pulse Accumulation (32pt) – Accepts 24VDC discrete signals as discrete inputs. The first 16 channels can be configured as Pulse accumulation to support Pulse Accumulation and frequency measurement on per channel basis. Channels 17 – 32 can be configured as DI. • Digital Output 24 VDC (32 pt) – Current sinking digital outputs. Outputs are electronically short-circuited protected. • DO Relay Extension Board (32 pt) – Digital output with NO or NC dry contacts. It can be used for low power or high power applications.


Series 8 Field Connections Series 8 Field connections use a standard modular connector. The connector modularity allows for removal and insertion of the field wiring. This significantly reduces installation and maintenance procedures and can assist in field check out. Series 8 field connectors accept up to 12 AWG / 2.5 mm2 stranded wire.


Analoge Output coated S8 AO IOM 8C-PAONA1 Honeywell PLC Module 0

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