High Performance Power Supply Controller Honeywell 51403422-150 HPM COMM CTL CC 51403422150

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Model Number: 51403422-150
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Honeywell 51403422-150 HPM COMM CTL CC HIGH PERFORMANCE COM / CONTROL 51403422150

Lead time:3-5 days

New with one year warranty



The High-Performance Process Manager (HPM) is Honeywell’s leading TotalPlant Solution (TPS) control and data acquisition device for industrial process applications. It represents the most powerful, cost-effective controller Honeywell has offered to date. The High-Performance Process Manager represents an evolution of the highly successful Process Manager (PM) and Advanced Process Manager (APM). Its new dual 68040 platform offers a powerful range of capabilities that best meet today’s and tomorrow’s process requirements. The HPM offers highly flexible I/O functions for both data monitoring and control. Powerful control functions, including regulatory, logic, and sequencing control, are provided for continuous, batch, sequencing, and hybrid applications. An optimal toolbox of functions that can be configured and programmed meets the needs of data acquisition and advanced control requirements in a highly secure and performanceintensive manner. HPM’s capabilities include peer-to-peer communications and compatibility with industry-standard communications protocols.


Performing data acquisition and control functions, including regulatory, logic, and sequential control functions, as well as peer-to-peer communications with other Universal Control Networkresident devices. • Providing bi-directional communications to Modbus and Allen-Bradley compatible subsystems through a serial interface.Fully communicating with operators and engineers at Global User Stations, Universal Stations, Universal StationX s, and Universal Work Stations. Procedures and displays are identical or similar to those used with other TPS controllers, as well as to APM and PM point displays. • Supporting higher level control strategies available on the TPS Process Network (TPN) through the Application Module and host computers. • Using the same I/O and wiring as the PM and APM, thereby providing cost-effective upward migration to existing PM and APM users.


Advanced Features

The HPM provides considerably enhanced functionality over the PM and APM. This includes: • Improvements in the electronic and software design • A new, compact UCN interface • Five (5) times the point processing capability of the PM and APM • Several new control algorithms • Several new CL enhancements • Improved I/O link performance through PV scanning • More user memory than both PM and APM • I/O Simulation capabilities • Choice of 7-slot or 15-slot cardfile backplanes • Flexible point mix change capability



RHC (Remote Hardened Controller) Option The Remote Hardened Controller (RHC) is Honeywell’s solution for mounting the High Performance Process Manager (HPM) in remote hazardous environments. Universal Control Network The communications channel for the High-Performance Process Manager is a local area network called the Universal Control Network (UCN). Introduced to TDC 3000X users in 1988, the UCN is the secure path for process I/O connections to the (now known as) TotalPlant Solution (TPS) system. The UCN features a 5 megabit per second, carrier band communication system with a token bus network. It is designed to be compatible with IEEE* and ISO** standards. UCN communications are consistent with the growth and direction of evolving international standards, with appropriate Honeywell extensions for secure process control applications. The UCN uses redundant coaxial cables and can support up to 32 redundant devices. The UCN supports peer-to-peer communication between devices on this network. This feature enables sharing information among HPMs, APMs, PMs, Safety Managers, and Logic Managers on the network, thus offering tremendous power and flexibility in implementing advanced, coordinated control strategies.



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