24V HONEYWELL FSC PLC Fail Safe Analog Input Module 4 Channels 10102/2/1

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10102/2/1 Fail-safe analog input module (4 channels) Description The fail-safe analog input module 10102/2/1 has four 0-2 V analog input channels. The analog inputs have a common 0 V connection, but are galvanically isolated from the 24 Vdc and 5 Vdc. The analog inputs can either be used actively (i.e. each input has a separate 26 Vdc, > 20 mA short-circuit protected output) or passively (i.e. the supply is directly connected to the transmitter). The 10102/2/1 input stage has a high input impedance. It is therefore allowed to connect two 10102/2/1 modules in parallel. Each input requires an analog input converter module 10102/A/. (see the 10102/A/. data sheets).


Note: As the inputs require a 10102/A/. converter module, the 10102/2/1 module can only be used in combination with an I/O backplane in the rack. The analog input module scans the analog inputs, the 26 V output voltages, the internal supply voltages, and a reference voltage generated by a D/A converter. This D/A converter generates several reference voltages which are used to test the analog input module completely. The self-test includes a leakage test of the input filter as this could influence the accuracy of the analog input value.


Within the configured process safety time, the analog inputs are tested for: • absolute accuracy, • correct conversion over full range, • crosstalk between inputs, and • output voltage of the 26 Vdc outputs. The 26 Vdc outputs are generated by the DC/DC converter and stabilized at 26 Vdc. They are therefore independent of the voltage of the incoming 24 Vdc. Note: The maximum output current is at least 21 mA. If the transmitters require a higher supply current, the input channel must be used in passive mode (= external supply).


Analog input ranges for FSC Table 1 provides an overview of the analog input ranges for the FSC system, and how the 10102/2/1 module can be used for each of these ranges.


Other analog input signals such as thermocouple, PT-100, etc. can only be used after conversion to one of the analog input ranges that the FSC system can handle.


Calibration The 10102/2/1 module has potentiometers for calibration purposes (P1, P2, P4, P5). The module can be calibrated using the calibration option of the 'View FSC system and process status' program, an external calibrator, an extender module and an extender flatcable.


Technical data The 10102/2/1 module has the following specifications: General Type number: 10102/2/1 11301* Approvals: CE, TÜV, UL Software versions: ≥ 3.00 Space requirements: 4 TE, 3 HE (= 4 HP, 3U) Power Power requirements: 5 Vdc 30 mA 24 Vdc 175 mA + 25 mA for each active input




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10102/2/1 MODULE, 24V HONEYWELL FSC PLC Fail-safe analog input module (4 channels)

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