900C53-0243-00 Canner Controller Module 900C53-0244-00 Honeywell I/O For Remote Rack

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Place of Origin: INDIA
Brand Name: Honeywell
Model Number: 900C53-0244-00
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Condition: Original New Warranty: 12 Months
Shipping Term: DHL/TNT/UPS/FEDEX Etc. Name: Canner Controller Module 9
Application: Remote Rack Model: 900C53-0244-00
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Honeywell 900B01-0101 HC900 Analog Output Card AO 4 Channel 200mA



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900C53-0244-00 Honeywell I/O SCANNER FOR REMOTE RACK 900C53-0243-00 canner Controller Module

Lead time:3-5 days

New with one year warranty


900C53-0243-00 Canner Controller Module 900C53-0244-00 Honeywell I/O For Remote Rack 0


Introduction The Honeywell ControlEdge HC900 Controller is an integrated loop and logic controller that is designed specifically for small- and medium-scale unit operations. System Overview It comprises a set of hardware and software modules that can be assembled to satisfy any of a broad range of control applications. The ControlEdge HC900 Controller System can consist of a single rack, as indicated in Figure 1, or can be can be networked with other controllers via Ethernet links to expand the dimensions of process control over a wider range of unit processes, as indicated in Figure 2. Although the ControlEdge HC900 E1/E2 ports provide protection against Cyber-security/DOS type attacks, additional protection is required for safety applications using a properly configured firewall device configured to prevent uncontrolled messages into the controller. Please refer to ControlEdge HC900 Process & Safety Controller Installation and User guide 51-52-25-154 for further information. The figures in this manual assume the firewall is installed properly above the controller's Ethernet connection(s) E1 and E2.


The ControlEdge HC900 Controller design enables users and OEMs who are adept in system integration to assemble a system that fits a broad range of requirements. Any configuration can be readily modified or expanded as requirements dictate. In initial configuration and in subsequent modifications, the ControlEdge HC900 Controller affords an optimum balance of performance and economy. Configurations such as those shown in Figure 1 and in Figure 2, as well as many variations, can be assembled from modular components. Many of the components are available from Honeywell, and some are available from thirdparty suppliers. These modular components are available in any quantity and mix that make the most sense for a given application. As indicated in Figure 3, the ControlEdge HC900 Controller includes provisions for communication via Ethernet with host systems such as the Honeywell Experion HMI and other HMI software that supports Ethernet Modbus/TCP protocol. Also, the communication structure of the ControlEdge HC900 Controller enables remote placement of input/output components, allowing significant economies in cabling and wiring


Refer to the following manuals for more details on the various ControlEdge HC900 control system architectures. Introduction to the Hardware The Honeywell ControlEdge HC900 Controller includes a set of hardware modules that can be combined and configured as required for a wide range of small to medium process control applications. Some of the modules are required in all configurations. Others are optional; they are selected as appropriate to provide optional functions and/or to "size" the system, either in initial planning, or in modifying and/or expanding the system to meet changing requirements. A ControlEdge HC900 Controller configuration with multiple controllers is illustrated in Figure 4. This illustration includes key-numbers that identify components that are described in Table 2. A ControlEdge HC900 Redundant Controller configuration with multiple I/O racks is illustrated in Figure 5. Only SIL certified modules may be used in safety applications. Safety controllers, C50S, C70S and C75S MUST be matched with the corresponding Safety Scanners S50S and S75S. Safety models (CPUs and Scanners) have “orange” faceplates.



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