Honeywell 10100/2/1 Horizontal Bus Driver Module Surplus 65mA 5VDC 1010021

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Place of Origin: USA
Brand Name: Honeywell
Model Number: 10100/2/1
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 PCS
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Delivery Time: 3-5 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Condition: Original New Warranty: 12 Months
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battery extension module


fc sdo 0824




The vertical buses (V-Buses) in the FSC system are the umbilical cord between the processor and the I/O modules. All scan, test and update actions between the processor and I/O modules in I/O racks are routed via one or more vertical buses. The V-Bus is a 34-wire flatcable with connectors for the VBD(s), connectors for the HBD(s), and a connector for the vertical bus terminator (10307/1/1). Large systems (using more than one cabinet) need a V-Bus link from the cabinet with the CP part(s) to the cabinet that only contains I/O racks. This V-Bus link consists of a 34-wire round "flatcable" with connector(s) for the VBD(s) and a connector for the V-bus in the dedicated I/O cabinet. The type of V-Bus that is required depends on three things: • the configuration (redundant Central Parts and/or I/O), • the cabinet layout (e.g. racks with redundant I/O followed by racks with non-redundant I/O), and • the integration method (HBD type 10100/1/1 vs. 10100/2/1 with 10314, 10315, 10316 or 10317 backplanes).


Ordering V-Buses Ordering a V-Bus flatcable requires all relevant cabinet layout data (including dimensions). As CE and TÜV approval is required in more and more systems, the use of standard cabinet layouts has become common practice. This enables simplified V-Bus ordering information. The V-Bus code can only be used if the cabinet layout and the VBD positioning meet all of the following requirements: • The VBD must have rack position 14, 15 or 16. • The VBDs of a V-Bus for configurations with redundant Central Parts and non-redundant I/O must have the same rack position number in both CP racks (e.g. VBD1: rack 1, position 15, and VBD2: rack 2, position 15). • Every rack with its S-Bus, 1-Bus or 2-Bus is 4 HE (4U) high. • The CP rack(s) must be the first rack or the first two racks. • There are only FSC racks between the first CP rack and the last I/O rack


• The redundant I/O racks are placed in one consecutive row of racks (per cabinet). • The non-redundant I/O racks are placed in one consecutive row of racks (per cabinet). If there is a deviation from any of these rules, the V-Bus order must include a full description of the required V-Bus



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Honeywell 10100/2/1 Horizontal Bus Driver Module Surplus 65mA 5VDC 1010021

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