Honeywell TC-CEN021 ControlLogix EtherNet/IP Comm Interface Module NEW PLC

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Honeywell TC-CEN021 ControlLogix EtherNet/IP Comm Interface Module NEW PLC

Lead time:3-5 days

New with one year warranty


Honeywell TC-CEN021 ControlLogix EtherNet/IP Comm Interface Module NEW PLC 0


The Honeywell Ethernet Interface Card lets you acquire live data over an Ethernet Network. This card may be installed into the following products: • UMC800 • VRX180 • DPR180 • DPR250 This interface will also allow other Modbus RTU instruments to connect to the Ethernet interface through a a multi-drop serial connection. The following instruments may be connected to the Ethernet interface’s serial port: • UDC2300 • UDC3300 • UDC5300 • UDC6300 • VRX100 • VPR100 • VRX150 • DPR100 • DR4300 • DR4500 • other RS-485 Modbus RTU instrument. You may use this Ethernet interface card to connect to any PC Server or PC Client that has a Modbus/TCP (a.k.a. Modbus Ethernet) protocol driver. Here are some examples of software packages that have the Modbus/TCP interface: • Wonderware’s InTouch • Honeywell’s PlantScape • Intellution’s FIX • KEPware’s OPC Sever


Why use an Ethernet interface instead of a serial interface? 1. Topology • Ethernet is not multidrop-limited to 2000 feet. • Not limited to 31 slaves. • Uses your existing network infrastructure • Accesses data over the network from anywhere in your facility. 2. Multiple Client Access—Simultaneously accessible by supervisors, quality assurance, engineers. 3. Intranet Access from any remote location within firewalls. Network Interface Ethernet models support 10Mbit. 10BaseT (RJ-45 connector) for external transceiver connections. Network Hardware Address The first 3 bytes are fixed, and read 00-20-4A. The fourth, fifth, and sixth bytes represents the type of the product and the serial number in Hex notation.


Network Protocols The Ethernet card uses TCP/IP protocols for network communications. The supported protocols are: ARP, UDP, TCP, ICMP, Telnet, TFTP, DHCP, and SNMP. Per the Modbus/TCP specification, the Modbus data messages are transported by TCP for error-free data transport end-to-end. Firmware updates can be done with the TFTP protocol. The IP protocol defines addressing, routing, and data block handling over the network. IP Address and Modbus Slave Address Every device connected to the TCP/IP network including the Ethernet card must have a unique IP address. When multiple Modbus devices share a single IP, then Modbus/TCP includes an additional address called the Unit ID. See IP Addresses, Netmask (page 27) for a complete description of IP Addressing. When the Ethernet card is receiving Modbus/TCP messages from remote masters, the Unit ID is converted to use in the Modbus/RTU message as the slave address




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