PRO22R2 Honeywell PLC Module Access Systems Interface Board New Dual Reader

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Model Number: PRO22R2
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PRO22R2 Honeywell Access Systems 2 Door Interface Board New Dual Reader

Lead time:3-5 days

New with one year warranty




The Two Reader Board provides support for up to two access control doors by providing connections for Wiegand or Clock/Data type readers, supervised inputs and relay outputs. This board can be rack mounted, in which case, only one edge is accessible for wiring. Mounting the board flat increases the amount of available I/O slightly but also significantly decreases the number of boards that can be mounted in one enclosure. The I/O terminals are organized to support two doors. Starting at the bottom of the rackmount side of the board, the first connector provides power to the board. The next connector provides communication with the Intelligent Controller (PRO22IC). The next set of terminals is used to connect reader 2. The next set of terminals is used to connect the I/O typically associated with reader 2, namely the Door Status and REX status inputs and the Door Lock and Lock Status relay outputs. Continuing up this edge the next two connectors provide the reader and associated I/O terminals for reader 1. The last connector on the rack-mount edge provides terminals for two additional general-purpose alarm inputs When the board is mounted flat, two additional relay outputs and two additional generalpurpose alarm inputs are available along with two dedicated alarm inputs for cabinet tamper and power fault detection on the opposite edge of the board. The reader interface accepts a Wiegand signal of Data 1 and Data 0 or a Clock and Data signal and provides 5 VDC or 12 VDC reader power, a tri-stated LED control and buzzer control. Two of the six form-C relay outputs are sized for the inductive load of door locks and the other four are designed to handle dry-circuit signals. All of the inputs are capable of four-state supervision except the two dedicated inputs. Communication to the control panel is accomplished via an RS-485 interface. This board requires 12 VDC input power. When communication to the control panel is lost this board can grant access based on facility code only. General purpose outputs will retain the setting at the time communication was lost. Up to eight facility codes may be active in each PRO22R2. Keypad input must follow the reader input format and is in place of or multiplexed with the reader data





The Two Reader Board accepts 12 VDC with an operating range of 10 to 16 VDC and consumes 400mA of current. Locate power source as close to this board as possible. Connect power with minimum of 18AWG wire. The input voltage is regulated to 5 VDC. The regulated voltage or the 12 VDC (pass through) is available for powering the readers. The selection is made via jumpers and is available at both reader connectors. NOTE: POLARITY for 12 VDC power is important. Make sure the +12 VDC is connected to the terminal labeled +12V and the return is connected to the terminal labeled GND. Communications The Two Reader Board communicates to host controller via an RS-485 interface. The interface allows for multi-drop communication of up to 4,000 feet (1,200 m) total per port. Use two twisted pair (minimum 24AWG) with shield for communication. The default speed of this port is 38.4Kbps but it can be downgraded to 19.2Kbps or 9.6Kbps if the line conditions or receiving equipment require it (see jumper and DIP switch settings)



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