TC-FXX132 Honeywell C200 13 Slot Chassis Power Supply Controller 13 Amp Durable

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TC-FXX132 13 Slot Chassis, 13 Amp Honeywell C200 one year warranty NEW IN BOX

Lead time:3-5 days

New with one year warranty


TC-FXX132 Honeywell C200 13 Slot Chassis Power Supply Controller 13 Amp  Durable 0




C200E and the I/O ControlNet Figure 3-1 shows how CIOM-A modules interface to the C200E control processor over the I/O Control Network. ControlNet is an open communication protocol developed by Rockwell and is based on RG-6 coax at 5 mega bit transmission speed. Coax segments can be extended using repeaters and fiber optic modules. Although the media can be redundant, the interface modules have a single set of electronics for both A and B cables. The C200E or Downlink Chassis: This is the chassis that has the C200E inserted. It is also referred to as the “Downlink” chassis because it has the CNI (ControlNet Interface) modules that connect the C200E to the various remote I/O modules. The user can insert up to four total “Downlink” CNIs to create four separate I/O network routings. This provides the flexibility to create from one to four different I/O network branches. Redundant C200E: When the C200E is implemented in a redundant configuration there are two chassis with an identical set of modules installed in the same physical positions. Mixed I/O Families: As the figure, shows, CIOM-A I/O modules can be implemented on the same I/O Control Network as the RIOM-A module type. RIOM-A module are interfaced to the I/O CNet through ControlNet Gateway modules and the CIOM-A modules are interfaced through the CNI module. Downlink and Uplink CNIs: There are only two versions of the CNI (single media and dual media). The terms uplink and downlink are assigned based on the CNI location in the topology.


Redundant C200E Configurations: When the C200E is implemented in a redundant configuration no I/O modules can be inserted into the C200 chassis. Non-Redundant C200E Configurations: When the C200E is non-redundant, I/O modules can be inserted into the C200 chassis. Remote I/O Chassis: The “Remote I/O” chassis is located remote to the C200E chassis and on one of four possible I/O ControlNet branches. The remote I/O chassis has one CNI (single or dual media) to provide the interface to the CNet and is populated with the desired mix of I/O modules up to the maximum available slot positions. I/O Module/Channel Identification: The I/O modules are identified by the assigned CNI MAC (network) address number and the physical position of the I/O module in the chassis (0 to the maximum number of slots). Each input and output is then referenced by its unique channel number (0 to the maximum number of channels). Supervisory Control Network: Depending on the network type used this interface module could be a CNI or Ethernet or module. RIUP: Modules can be removed and inserted under power (user must also comply with all zone/location certifications and safety requirements).


Relay and Expandable Interface Modules (XIM) provide additional flexibility for discrete output type IOM’s (TC/TKODD321 and TC/TK- ODA161). They were developed to maximize the effectiveness of user applications that require output contact ratings greater than 2 A. Driving large loads up to 10 A for applications such as motor starters is now possible using these relay type RTPs. In addition, the relay modules provide a means to isolate output points. The relay and expandable product line consists of a relay master module and expander module(s) with expander cable. The relay master modules provide the connection for the 20- or 40-pin cable connectors for the pre-wired cable. There are three types of expander XIMs: eight-channel relay, eightchannel fused, and eight-channel feed-through. Expander module capabilities are offered in eight-channel increments. After using 8 or 16 channels of I/O for relays (master relay module), design engineers can use expander modules for the other I/O point needs. The flexibility means that they work with relays, fuses, and feed-through modules. In addition, the expander modules can be added when system expansion is required.


Important Notes and Guidelines: 1. RTPs and cables are manufactured by and are ordered directly from Allen-Bradley (A-B). Always refer to the A-B web site for the most up-to-date RTP/Cable information. 2. Detailed information (specifications, certifications, warnings, and wiring diagrams) can be accessed from the AllenBradley Web site. Reference the Bulletin 1492 wiring systems. Please refer to Allen-Bradley Bulletin 1492 PLC/SLC Wiring System Product Line for digital RTPs/cables and Bulletin 1492-AIFM for Analog RTP and cable specifications and size details. 3. When using RTPs with an IOM, it is not necessary to order a separate TC-TBNH or TC-TBCH terminal block. This component comes with the RTP Cable assembly. 4. All RTPs are mountable on standard DIN #3 rail mounting for quick installation. 5. Always use the HW designator in catalog numbers for cables that will be used with Honeywell I/O Modules. This ensures that the Honeywell style slide-on cover will be supplied.


Non-Redundant Power: With this implementation a Chassis Series-A power supply module slides onto the left side of the chassis. This connects the DC output voltage to the chassis backplane and powers all modules that are inserted into one of the chassis slot positions. There is a version that accepts AC source power and a version that accepts DC source power. Redundant Power: With this implementation two panel mounted Chassis Series-A power supplies are connected to the chassis through a chassis adaptor module that connects to the left side of the chassis. If one power supply fails, the other will carry the load. There is a version that accepts AC source power and a version that accepts DC source power. PMIO Power System Redundancy: The PMIO platform provides a fully redundant and robust power supply assembly. This supply generates 24 Vdc and can be used to as the source power for a DC type Chassis–A power supply.


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