UDC3200 Controller Universal Digital Controller 3200-C0-000R-210-00000-E0-0

Basic Information
Place of Origin: USA
Brand Name: Honeywell
Model Number: 3200-C0-000R-210-00000-E0-0
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 PCS
Price: USD
Delivery Time: 3-5 days
Payment Terms: T/T
Condition: Original New Warranty: 12 Months
Shipping Term: DHL/TNT/UPS/FEDEX Etc.
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Pre-installation Information
If the controller has not been removed from its shipping carton, inspect the carton for
damage then remove the controller.
• Inspect the unit for any obvious shipping damage and report any damage due to
transit to the carrier.
• Make sure a bag containing mounting hardware is included in the carton with the
• Check that the model number shown on the inside of the case agrees with what
you have ordered.


Model Number Interpretation
Write your controller’s model number in the spaces provided below and circle the
corresponding items in each table. This information will also be useful when you wire your


Physical Considerations
The controller can be mounted on either a vertical or tilted panel using the mounting
kit supplied. Adequate access space must be available at the back of the panel for
installation and servicing activities.
• Overall dimensions and panel cutout requirements for mounting the controller are
shown in Figure 2-2.
• The controller’s mounting enclosure must be grounded according to CSA standard
C22.2 No. 0.4 or Factory Mutual Class No. 3820 paragraph 6.1.5.
• The front panel is moisture rated NEMA3 and IP55 rated and can be easily
upgraded to NEMA4X and IP66.


Mounting Method
Before mounting the controller, refer to the nameplate on the outside of the case and
make a note of the model number. It will help later when selecting the proper wiring


1 Mark and cut out the controller hole in the panel according to the dimension
information in Figure 2-2.
2 Orient the case properly and slide it through the panel hole from the front.
3 Remove the mounting kit from the shipping container and install the kit as follows:
• For normal installation two mounting clips are required. Insert the prongs of
the clips into the two holes in the top and bottom center of the case
• For water-protected installation four mounting clips are required. There are
two options of where to install the mounting clips:
1) Insert the prongs of the clips into the two holes on the left and right side of the
top and bottom of the case or
2) on the center on each of the four sides.
• Tighten screws to 2 lb-inch (22 N•cm) to secure the case against the panel.
CAUTION: Over tightening will cause distortion and the unit may not seal properly.
4 For water-protected installation, install four screws with washers into the four recessed
areas in the corners of the front bezel (Figure 2-3). Push the point of the screw
through the center piercing the elastomeric material and then tighten screws to 5 lb-in
(56 N•cm).


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Honeywell UDC3200 Controller 3200-C0-000R-210-00000-E0-0 Universal Digital Controller

Lead time:3-5 days

New with one year warranty



UDC3200 Controller Universal Digital Controller 3200-C0-000R-210-00000-E0-0 0


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