Durable AMR Assembly Card Enhanced Redundancy Board Honeywell 51401996-100

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Model Number: 51401996-100
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The Enhanced Programmable Logic Controller Gateway (EPLCG) is a new version of the PLCG with added features and improvements. The EPLCG expands the idea of providing an economical method for connecting various Programmable Logic Controllers to your Honeywell TDC 3000 System. Its redundant communications option provides two independent communication paths to the PLCs, and it features increased output performance. A new EPLCI board containing new firmware and new I/O hardware for the EPLCG add configurations for additional applications. This manual guides you through the planning and installation considerations unique to the EPLCG equipment. However, this manual is not intended to be a substitute for the LCN Site Planning manual and LCN System Installation manual, listed in the standard LCN publications referenced in subsection 1.3 of this manual. The EPLCG runs under an unmodified HG (Hiway Gateway) software personality. The hardware is similar to HG hardware, contained in a standard TDC 3000 Dual Node module that supports the Local Control Network (LCN). In the EPLCG, the Data Hiway Interface (DHIF) board and its I/O board are replaced with the Enhanced Programmable Logic Controller Interface (EPLCI) board and an EPLCI I/O board. The existing PLCI, PLCI I/O paddle boards, and relay panel will continue to be used for specific applications.


A redundant EPLCG pair is composed of two EPLCG modules equipped as above


CONFIGURATIONS Various nonredundant and redundant configurations of the EPLCG connected to PLCs of different manufacture are available. Depending upon certain limitations, the EPLCG can communicate to the PLCs either through short-haul modems or Communication Interface Modules (CIMs). Six different configurations have been defined for the new EPLCG; 2 Nonredundant and 4 Redundant. Some overlap occurs with the existing PLCG products and is noted in the following installation-type descriptions. 2.4.1 MP-NEPLC3 and MP-NEPLC5 NONREDUNDANT GATEWAYS Both of the nonredundant EPLCG versions use the new EPLCI I/O card, which eliminates the need for the relay panel . The Type 1 version does not use the Redundant Communications option. Though it is possible to configure this one with a PLCI, EPLCI-resident features will not be available. With the Type 1 configuration, each port of the EPLCI I/O card can support Modbus RTU or Allen-Bradley protocol independently



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Honeywell 51401996-100 AMR Assembly Card Enhanced Redundancy board for the Application Module

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